Spring finally comes to the Swan Valley…

This was a winter for the record books. It started snowing in October and quickly began to accumulate. By early December, the snow on the ground was measured in feet, not inches.

Winter coats

It just kept snowing, and the snow built up. The deer and elk were struggling. But it was incredible snow for skiing, snowmobiling and winter play.

Winter Storm over Crazy Horse Burn

It was hard not seeing the sun for days at a time with all the storms. But there were some astounding sunsets to watch.

Gentle good night

Finally it began to thaw, sort of… at least the snow melted off of the river, sort of…

Swan River Green Ice

Seven months later in April we still had snow on the ground and were beginning to wonder if it was a new ice age? “What happened to global warming?” people in the Swan Valley asked. But then we started to see signs that spring was actually coming. The snow continued to melt, the wetland ponds begin to fill with water and the migratory birds arrived.

Spring wetlands in the Swan Valley

Winter didn’t want to let go and a big storm dumped over two feet of snow in the first week of April. Many of those migratory birds were pretty unhappy. But spring finally did arrive and the elk starting playing in the wetlands.

Elk splashing

Then the green came and the valley floor finally was free of snow and winter was actually over!

Holland Peak reflections

Spring in the Swan Valley is finally here.

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