Seeking the light…

This happens after a dreary cloudy cold March day.

Aspen and cottonwoods reach for the sunset at Two Elks Ranch

There is a metaphor and story behind this image taken yesterday. Over the last couple of years, I haven’t enjoyed the disharmony and political conflict that inculcated so much of the content on FB and social media. I slowly went from posting images daily to weekly, then monthly, then almost not at all. I heard from many fans asking what happened, but remained mostly silent.

Now, with the Covid-19 crisis afflicting our nation, state, communities, friends and neighbors, it is clear that we are all going to have to work together and put aside our differences to overcome the challenges we face. I have been racking my brain how to somehow help or contribute from the Two Elks Ranch in rural Swan Valley, Montana. What could an old guy from western Montana offer? We are by virtue of our location “social distancing,” what else could I do.

Yesterday while photographing this gorgeous sunset I felt such peace, and joy that I almost felt guilty. Then I remembered the research a hospital provided when they invited me to place my images in their surgical center. There is quite a bit of professional literature on how fine art and nature’s beauty helps healing, depression and promotes a general sense of well being, to the point that hospitals make an effort because they get better results with their patients. Right then during this sunset, I realized that I could contribute in some small way by posting this image inviting others to walk in beauty with me through the many 1,000s of images I have on this website, galleries and Facebook. 

So for all my friends and fans and anyone who is looking for a little beauty to lighten your day, for folks that are suffering from illness, Covid-19 or just from stress over the crisis – I invite you! Peruse at your leisure and walk in beauty as I share once again images from the Swan Valley. It doesn’t cost anything to look except a little time. This is a labor of love for me. In a way, it is like the Aspen and Cottonwoods in the image reaching to the sunset after a dreary day. Please enjoy and check back often for new images. I promise I will not be so wordy but I wanted to finally respond to all the fans that have asked where I have been. 

≈ John K Mercer

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